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Vespel SP-21: Peak Performance Plastics in Singapore

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on Vespel SP-21, a high-performance polyimide material that offers peak performance properties for a wide range of applications. Whether you are looking for information on Vespel SP-21 properties, applications, data sheet, machining, or price, you’ve come to the right place.

Known for its exceptional physical and mechanical characteristics, Vespel SP-21 surpasses industry standards, making it the material of choice for demanding environments. Its unique combination of heat resistance, lubricity, dimensional stability, chemical resistance, and creep resistance sets it apart from other materials available in the market.

In this article, we will explore the various properties, applications, and machining techniques associated with Vespel SP-21. We will also provide information on where to find the official data sheet and help you understand the pricing factors involved.

Whether you are an engineer, designer, or procurement professional, understanding the capabilities and advantages of Vespel SP-21 can help you make informed decisions for your specific requirements.

Stay tuned as we delve into the details of Vespel SP-21, highlighting its qualities and explaining why it is the ideal choice for peak performance plastics in Singapore.

Vespel SP-21 Properties

Vespel SP-21 is a high-performance polyimide material that showcases exceptional properties, making it well-suited for demanding applications. Its impressive combination of characteristics sets it apart as a top choice for industries requiring peak performance plastics.

High Temperature Resistance

Vespel SP-21 exhibits remarkable heat resistance, allowing it to withstand continuous operating temperatures of up to 288°C. It can even handle excursions up to 482°C, making it an excellent choice for applications that involve extreme heat.

Chemical Resistance

With its exceptional chemical resistance, Vespel SP-21 provides reliable performance in the face of solvents, acids, and bases. This resistance ensures long-lasting durability and preserves the integrity of the material in challenging environments.

Low Thermal Conductivity and Coefficient of Friction

Vespel SP-21 features low thermal conductivity, which minimizes heat transfer and allows for improved thermal management. Additionally, it offers a low coefficient of friction, reducing wear and frictional losses. These properties make it ideal for applications where heat dissipation and efficiency are crucial.

High Dimensional Stability

Dimensional stability is a critical characteristic in numerous industries, and Vespel SP-21 excels in this aspect. Its ability to maintain its dimensions under varying conditions ensures consistent performance and precise tolerances over time.

As shown in the image above, Vespel SP-21 possesses a unique combination of properties, making it an exceptional material for demanding applications.

Vespel SP-21 Applications

Vespel SP-21, with its exceptional properties, finds wide-ranging applications across various industries. Its unique combination of characteristics makes it an ideal choice for demanding environments. Here are some key applications where Vespel SP-21 excels:

Bearings and Thrust Washers

Vespel SP-21 is commonly used in applications that require low wear and long life, such as high-performance bearings and thrust washers. Its superior durability and resistance to harsh conditions make it a reliable choice for critical rotating and reciprocating components.

Bushings and Seal Rings

In industries where excellent dimensional stability and chemical resistance are crucial, Vespel SP-21 stands out as a preferred material for bushings and seal rings. Its ability to withstand high temperatures, chemicals, and extreme working conditions guarantees optimal performance and extended service life.

Slide Blocks and Wear Applications

For applications that involve sliding or wear, Vespel SP-21 offers excellent wear resistance and reduced friction properties. It is widely used in slide blocks, wear pads, and other components that require both minimal wear and low friction coefficients.

High-Temperature Applications

Due to its remarkable heat resistance, Vespel SP-21 is extensively employed in high-temperature applications. It can withstand continuous operating temperatures of up to 288°C and short excursions up to 482°C, making it an optimal choice for demanding thermal environments.

Electrical and Chemical Industries

Vespel SP-21 is highly sought after in electrical and chemical industries due to its excellent electrical properties and chemical resistance. Its exceptional dielectric strength, along with resistance to solvents, acids, and bases, makes it suitable for electrical insulating components and chemical handling equipment.

Moreover, Vespel SP-21 can be easily machined into various shapes to meet specific design requirements. Its versatility in machining allows for the production of intricate parts that ensure optimal performance in diverse applications.

vespel sp-21 applications

Vespel SP-21 Data Sheet

For detailed information on the properties, physical and mechanical characteristics, as well as the specifications of Vespel SP-21, refer to the official data sheet provided by the manufacturer. The data sheet contains comprehensive information that can guide engineers and designers in selecting and using Vespel SP-21 for their applications.

Vespel SP-21 Data Sheet

Vespel SP-21 Machining

Machining Vespel SP-21 is a straightforward process that allows for the creation of complex shapes using standard metalworking techniques. When machining Vespel SP-21, precision and attention to detail are crucial to achieve the desired dimensions and tolerances required for specific applications. Following the manufacturer’s recommended machining procedures is essential to ensure superior results and optimize the performance of Vespel SP-21 parts.

With its exceptional dimensional stability, Vespel SP-21 remains strong and reliable even under demanding conditions. This makes it an ideal material for critical applications across various industries. Whether it’s intricate components or large-scale production, Vespel SP-21 can be machined to meet the most stringent requirements.

Recommended Machining Techniques

To achieve precise results, we recommend the following machining techniques when working with Vespel SP-21:

  1. Use sharp tools: Sharp cutting tools, such as carbide or high-speed steel, are ideal for machining Vespel SP-21. Blunt or worn-out tools can lead to poor surface finish and excessive heat generation, affecting the overall quality of the machined part. Regularly inspect and replace tools as needed to maintain optimal performance.
  2. Implement proper cooling and lubrication: Apply suitable coolants or lubricants during the machining process to improve chip evacuation and reduce heat buildup. This helps prevent melting or surface damage and ensures the dimensional stability of the final product. Consult the manufacturer’s recommendations for the most effective cooling and lubrication options.
  3. Control cutting speeds: Optimize cutting speeds to avoid excessive heat generation. Higher speeds can result in thermal degradation, while lower speeds may cause build-up and poor surface finish. Finding the optimal balance will help achieve the desired results and preserve the integrity of the machined part.
  4. Secure workpieces firmly: Ensure that workpieces are securely clamped or held in place during machining to prevent any shifting or movement. This will help maintain accuracy and prevent issues such as vibration or misalignment during the cutting process.

By following these recommended machining techniques, engineers and fabricators can unlock the full potential of Vespel SP-21, resulting in precise, reliable parts that excel in performance and durability.

Vespel SP-21 Machining
Advantages of Vespel SP-21 Machined Parts Applications
  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • Low coefficient of friction
  • High temperature resistance
  • Superior chemical resistance
  • Low wear and long life
  • Bearings
  • Thrust washers
  • Bushings
  • Seal rings
  • Slide blocks
Additional Industries:
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Oil and gas
  • Chemical processing
  • Electrical

Vespel SP-21 Price

The pricing of Vespel SP-21 may vary based on several factors, including the quantity, size, and specific requirements of your application. To obtain accurate pricing information, we recommend reaching out to a reputable supplier or manufacturer. They will be able to provide you with a detailed quotation based on your specific needs.

When determining the price of Vespel SP-21, it’s important to consider various aspects that can influence the overall cost. Factors such as the quantity of material needed, the complexity of the machining process, and any additional services required, all contribute to the final price. By discussing your requirements with a knowledgeable supplier, you can ensure that you receive an accurate and competitive price for Vespel SP-21.

vespel sp-21 price

In the table below, we provide a comparison of Vespel SP-21 prices from different suppliers. Please note that these prices are for reference purposes only and may vary based on market conditions and specific agreements with suppliers:

Supplier Price per Pound
Supplier A $X
Supplier B $Y
Supplier C $Z

Please keep in mind that these prices are subject to change, and it’s advisable to contact the suppliers directly for the most up-to-date pricing information.


Vespel SP-21 is a high-performance polyimide material that offers exceptional properties for various applications. Its unique combination of heat resistance, lubricity, dimensional stability, chemical resistance, and creep resistance makes it a preferred choice for industries requiring peak performance plastics.

With proper machining techniques and adherence to specifications, Vespel SP-21 can provide reliable and long-lasting solutions in extreme conditions. Its ability to withstand high temperatures and resist chemicals makes it suitable for demanding environments. Whether you need bearings, thrust washers, bushings, seal rings, slide blocks, or other wear applications, Vespel SP-21 delivers the performance you require.

If you’re considering the use of Vespel SP-21 for your specific application, it is recommended to contact a reliable supplier or manufacturer for more information. They can provide guidance on material selection, machining options, and pricing details. Trust in Vespel SP-21’s superior properties to enhance the performance and durability of your products.


What are the properties of Vespel SP-21?

Vespel SP-21 offers exceptional heat resistance, lubricity, dimensional stability, chemical resistance, and creep resistance.

What is the temperature range of Vespel SP-21?

Vespel SP-21 can operate continuously from cryogenic temperatures to 288°C, with excursions to 482°C.

Is Vespel SP-21 chemically resistant?

Yes, Vespel SP-21 exhibits excellent chemical resistance, making it resistant to solvents, acids, and bases.

What are the applications of Vespel SP-21?

Vespel SP-21 is commonly used in applications such as bearings, thrust washers, bushings, seal rings, slide blocks, and other wear applications. It is also suitable for high-temperature, chemical, and electrical duties.

How can Vespel SP-21 be machined?

Vespel SP-21 can be easily machined into various shapes using standard metalworking techniques. Precision and adherence to recommended machining procedures are essential.

Where can I find the data sheet for Vespel SP-21?

For detailed information, refer to the official data sheet provided by the manufacturer.

What is the price of Vespel SP-21?

The price of Vespel SP-21 may vary depending on factors such as quantity, size, and specific requirements. Please contact a supplier or manufacturer for pricing information.

Where can I purchase Vespel SP-21 in Singapore?

To purchase Vespel SP-21, contact reliable suppliers or manufacturers in Singapore.

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