Styrene-butadiene Rubber (SBR)

Styrene-butadiene Rubber (SBR) - Madis Grup

Styrene-butadiene rubber, commonly known as SBR, represents a category of synthetic rubbers originating from styrene and butadiene. Outpacing all other synthetic rubber types in usage, these materials exhibit commendable abrasion resistance and aging stability when supplemented with additives.

Consequently, SBR finds widespread application in the mining industry and industrial settings prone to high levels of abrasion, where materials ensuring prolonged durability and optimal efficiency are imperative. Additionally, SBR serves as a viable substitute for natural rubber.

Properties of Styrene-butadiene Rubber (SBR):

  1. Exceptional mechanical properties
  2. Resistance to aging and temperature variations
  3. Good resilience against various inorganic chemical substances
  4. Endurance against chemicals and organic acids
  5. Outstanding impact strength and tensile strength

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