Silicone Rubber (SR)

Silicone Rubber (SR) - Madis Grup

Silicone rubber (SR) is a type of elastomer comprising a silicone polymer that incorporates silicon along with carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. Widely employed in various industries, silicone rubbers are generally stable, non-reactive, and capable of withstanding extreme environmental conditions.

They exhibit operational effectiveness within a temperature range spanning from -55°C to +300°C, while retaining their advantageous characteristics. Due to these attributes and its facile manufacturing and shaping processes, silicone rubber is utilized in a diverse array of products, particularly within the automotive and electronics sectors.

Properties of Silicone Rubber (SR)

  • High resistance to extreme temperatures
  • Elevated gas permeability
  • Non-toxic and physiologically inert
  • Robust weatherability and ozone resistance
  • Strong irradiation resistance
  • Outstanding chemical resistance

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