Rubber Sponge

Rubber Sponge

There are various types of rubber sponge designed for diverse applications, each characterized by different densities and hardness levels. These materials exhibit varying insulation properties, and some rubber sponges can withstand temperatures as high as 260°C.

Beyond their role as insulation materials, these sponge products demonstrate resistance to light oil contact, ozone, alkalis, and acids, making them particularly suitable for use as general enclosure door gaskets. Available in both strips and rolls, rubber sponges prove to be excellent materials in roofing, electronics, cushioning, and decorative applications. Moreover, they find widespread use in shock absorption for machine bases and loading bays.

The base materials for rubber sponge sheets include:

  • CR Sponge
  • EPDM Sponge
  • EVA Sponge
  • Neoprene Sponge
  • NBR Sponge
  • PE Sponge
  • PU Sponge
  • PVC Sponge
  • SR Sponge
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