Rubber Matting

Rubber Matting

Rubber matting plays a pivotal role in diverse applications, serving a spectrum of functions ranging from electrical insulation to providing antistatic properties. These versatile surfaces come in various specialized forms, with studded and corrugated rubber matting offering targeted antislip solutions tailored to specific needs.

Beyond their electrical and antistatic attributes, rubber matting stands out for its exceptional sound insulating and vibration dampening properties. This makes it not only a practical choice for areas requiring a secure grip but also an ideal solution for environments where noise reduction and vibration control are paramount.

One of the notable features of rubber matting lies in its durability, rendering it a robust choice for surfaces that routinely handle goods. This durability ensures that the matting remains resilient over time, providing a long-lasting and reliable surface for industrial and commercial applications.

The variety in rubber matting extends to different types based on their intended functions. Antistatic rubber matting is designed to dissipate static electricity, making it a crucial component in environments where electrostatic discharge could pose a risk. High voltage rubber matting, on the other hand, is engineered to withstand elevated electrical potentials, ensuring safety in areas where high voltage equipment is utilized.

Studded rubber matting introduces an additional dimension to the antislip properties, featuring protruding studs that enhance traction and stability. Corrugated rubber matting, characterized by its raised and grooved surface, provides an effective solution for preventing slips in areas where moisture or other potential hazards may be present.

The base materials for rubber matting include:

  1. Antistatic Rubber Matting
  2. High Voltage Rubber Matting
  3. Studded Rubber Matting
  4. Corrugated Rubber Matting
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Rubber Matting

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