PolyCarbonate (PC)

PolyCarbonate (PC) - Madis Grup

PolyCarbonate (PC) seamlessly integrates impact strength with a UV-resistant surface treatment on one side, shielding it from weathering effects. This results in sustained clarity across diverse weather conditions and environments, enhancing service life and reducing life-cycle material costs.

Simultaneously, polycarbonate offers ease of manipulation, molding, and thermo-foaming. Its electrical, mechanical, physical, optical, and thermal properties collectively furnish comprehensive solutions for a broad spectrum of applications.

Properties of PolyCarbonate Sheets or Rods:

  • Exceptional impact resistance
  • Superb transparency
  • Prolonged weather resistance with maintained properties
  • Outstanding heat and low-temperature resistance spanning from -40°C to 120°C
  • Lightweight nature (less than half the weight of glass)
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