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Looking for a reliable EPDM rubber sheet supplier in Singapore? Look no further! At [Supplier Name], we offer a comprehensive range of EPDM rubber sheet products that are perfect for various applications. Whether you need rubber roofing, EPDM membranes, rubber gasket sheets, synthetic rubber sheets, industrial rubber sheets, waterproof rubber sheets, or rubber mats, we have you covered.

Our EPDM rubber sheets are manufactured to meet RMA Standard Specifications, ensuring their high quality and durability. We offer a wide variety of grades, including Nitrile (Buna-N), Neoprene, Silicone, Natural Rubber, SBR, Viton®, and Fluoroelastomer. This allows us to cater to different needs and applications in various industries.

Whether you require EPDM sheets with specific hardness levels or thicknesses, we can customize our products to meet your requirements. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing personalized solutions, ensuring that you have the right EPDM rubber sheet for your project.

As a trusted EPDM rubber sheet supplier in Singapore, we understand the importance of delivering superior products and excellent customer service. With our extensive industry experience, we have established a reputation for reliability and professionalism.

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EPDM Rubber Sheet Applications

EPDM rubber sheets are highly versatile and find extensive use in a wide range of applications that require outdoor durability and resistance to high temperatures. These sheets possess exceptional resistance to heat, ozone, sunlight, alkalis, acids, and oxygenated solvents, making them suitable for various demanding scenarios.

EPDM rubber sheets are commonly utilized in the following applications:

1. Roofing

EPDM rubber sheets are often employed as a reliable roofing material due to their exceptional weather resistance and durability. They provide effective protection against UV radiation, extreme temperatures, and harsh environmental conditions, ensuring long-lasting performance.

2. Gaskets and Seals

EPDM sheets are widely used for manufacturing gaskets and seals in various industries. With their outstanding flexibility, compression set resistance, and excellent resistance to chemicals and environmental factors, EPDM rubber sheets ensure reliable sealing and leak prevention.

3. Waterproofing

EPDM rubber sheets are a popular choice for waterproofing applications, such as pond liners, dams, and tanks. Their superior resistance to water and moisture ingress, coupled with their excellent flexibility and elongation properties, make them ideal for ensuring effective waterproofing solutions.

4. Insulating

EPDM rubber sheets are utilized for insulation purposes in diverse settings, including electrical and HVAC systems. They provide excellent electrical insulation, heat resistance, and thermal stability, ensuring reliable and safe insulation in demanding environments.

5. Flooring

EPDM rubber sheets are commonly used as flooring materials due to their exceptional durability, slip resistance, and noise reduction properties. They are suitable for applications in gymnasiums, playgrounds, automotive manufacturing facilities, and other high-traffic areas.

6. Automotive, Construction, Electrical, and Industrial Sectors

EPDM rubber sheets find widespread use in a multitude of applications across various industries. In the automotive sector, they are utilized for hoses, belts, and seals. In construction, EPDM sheets are used for expansion joints, window seals, and weatherstripping. In the electrical and industrial sectors, they serve as protective covers, shock absorbers, and vibration dampeners.

With their exceptional properties and versatility, EPDM rubber sheets prove to be an invaluable solution for a myriad of applications in Singapore and beyond.

EPDM vs. Other Rubber Sheets

When comparing EPDM rubber sheets with other rubber sheets, it becomes apparent that EPDM offers unique advantages that set it apart. With superior resistance to heat, ozone, and sunlight, EPDM is particularly well-suited for outdoor applications. Its exceptional flexibility, water resistance, and thermal stability further enhance its versatility across a wide range of industries and use cases.

To provide a comprehensive understanding, let’s take a closer look at how EPDM compares to other popular rubber sheet materials:

Nitrile Rubber Sheets

Known for their exceptional resistance to oil and solvents, Nitrile rubber sheets are commonly used in applications that involve contact with hydrocarbons. They are ideal for sealing and gasketing in automotive, oil, and chemical industries.

Neoprene Rubber Sheets

Neoprene rubber sheets are recognized for their durability and excellent resistance to weathering agents such as ozone and UV exposure. These sheets are commonly used in applications requiring resistance to oil, gasoline, and harsh weather conditions.

Silicone Rubber Sheets

Silicone rubber sheets offer a wide temperature range, making them suitable for extreme temperature applications including high heat and cold environments. Their excellent chemical resistance enables use in industries such as food processing, medical, and electrical.

While Nitrile, Neoprene, and Silicone offer specific strengths in their respective areas, EPDM rubber sheets’ unique combination of heat, ozone, and sunlight resistance, coupled with flexibility, water resistance, and thermal stability, make them an exceptional choice for various industries and applications.

Rubber Sheet Material Advantages
EPDM Superior heat, ozone, and sunlight resistance
Excellent flexibility, water resistance, and thermal stability
Nitrile Exceptional oil and solvent resistance
Neoprene Durable and weather-resistant
Silicone Wide temperature range and excellent chemical resistance

Overall, when considering EPDM rubber sheets against other rubber sheet options, it is crucial to assess the specific requirements of your application and choose accordingly. EPDM’s unique combination of properties makes it a reliable and versatile choice for a wide range of industrial needs.

EPDM rubber sheet

EPDM Rubber Sheet Properties

EPDM rubber sheets offer a wide range of impressive physical properties that make them a reliable choice for various applications. These sheets have exceptional tensile strength, elongation, and abrasion resistance, ensuring their durability and longevity.

One of the standout features of EPDM rubber sheets is their excellent low-temperature flexibility. They remain flexible even in extremely cold conditions, making them suitable for diverse environments and climates. Additionally, EPDM rubber sheets exhibit impressive compression set properties, allowing them to maintain their shape and performance over time.

EPDM rubber sheets also boast excellent adhesion to fabric and metals, ensuring secure and reliable bonding. This property makes them ideal for applications where secure attachment is crucial, such as gaskets and seals.

Furthermore, EPDM rubber sheets have an impressive temperature resistance, withstanding a wide range from -80°F to +450°F. This makes them suitable for both high-temperature and low-temperature applications, offering versatility and reliability across different industries.

EPDM rubber sheets are highly resistant to water, chemicals, and fungi, ensuring their durability even in demanding environments. Whether exposed to moisture, harsh chemicals, or fungal growth, these sheets maintain their integrity and performance, making them an excellent choice for long-term use.

These sheets are available in different hardness levels and thicknesses, providing flexibility in selecting the most suitable option for a particular application. Whether you require a softer sheet for cushioning or a harder sheet for structural support, there is an EPDM rubber sheet available to meet your specific needs.

With their exceptional physical properties, EPDM rubber sheets continue to be a reliable choice for countless industrial, commercial, and residential applications.

EPDM rubber sheet properties

Benefits of EPDM Rubber Sheet Properties:

  • High tensile strength, elongation, and abrasion resistance
  • Excellent low-temperature flexibility
  • Impressive compression set properties
  • Strong adhesion to fabric and metals
  • Wide temperature resistance from -80°F to +450°F
  • Resistant to water, chemicals, and fungi
  • Available in different hardness levels and thicknesses

EPDM Rubber Sheet Suppliers in Singapore

When it comes to sourcing high-quality EPDM rubber sheets in Singapore, it’s crucial to partner with reliable suppliers that offer a wide range of products and meet industry standards. We understand the importance of finding the right supplier for your specific needs. That’s why we recommend considering the following reputable EPDM rubber sheet suppliers in Singapore:

[Supplier 1]

[Supplier 1] is a trusted supplier in Singapore that specializes in EPDM rubber sheets. They offer a comprehensive range of EPDM sheets that are manufactured to the highest standards, ensuring durability and versatility in various applications. With their extensive product selection and commitment to quality, [Supplier 1] is an excellent choice for EPDM rubber sheet solutions.

[Supplier 2]

[Supplier 2] is another reputable supplier of EPDM rubber sheets in Singapore. They provide a diverse range of EPDM sheet options, catering to different industries and application requirements. With their expertise in rubber sheet manufacturing, [Supplier 2] is well-equipped to assist you in finding the ideal EPDM rubber sheets for your specific needs.

[Supplier 3]

[Supplier 3] is a trusted name in the EPDM rubber sheet industry in Singapore. They offer a comprehensive range of EPDM sheets that are known for their exceptional quality and performance. With their dedication to customer satisfaction and extensive product knowledge, [Supplier 3] can provide valuable assistance in selecting the right EPDM rubber sheets for any application.

By partnering with these reputable EPDM rubber sheet suppliers in Singapore, you can be confident in the quality, reliability, and performance of the EPDM rubber sheets you acquire. Whether you require standard sheets or custom manufacturing, these suppliers have the expertise and product offerings to meet your specific requirements.

EPDM rubber sheet suppliers in Singapore


EPDM rubber sheets are an incredibly versatile and durable solution for a wide range of applications. Whether you need protection against heat, ozone, sunlight, water, or chemicals, EPDM rubber sheets have you covered. Their exceptional resistance makes them an ideal choice for outdoor and high-temperature environments.

With EPDM rubber sheets, you have the flexibility to meet your specific needs. There is a vast selection of grades, thicknesses, and hardnesses available, allowing you to customize the sheets to your exact requirements. This level of customization ensures that you can achieve the optimal performance and durability for your application.

However, it is vital to choose a reputable EPDM rubber sheet supplier in Singapore. A reliable supplier will offer high-quality products that meet industry standards. By working with such a supplier, you can have confidence in the quality and reliability of your EPDM rubber sheets, ensuring that they will perform exceptionally in your applications.


What are EPDM rubber sheets?

EPDM rubber sheets are high-quality synthetic rubber sheets that are designed for durability and versatility in a wide range of applications. They are commonly used for roofing, gaskets, seals, waterproofing, insulating, and flooring.

What are the advantages of EPDM rubber sheets?

EPDM rubber sheets offer superior resistance to heat, ozone, and sunlight, making them suitable for outdoor applications. They also have excellent flexibility, water resistance, and thermal stability.

What are the physical properties of EPDM rubber sheets?

EPDM rubber sheets have high tensile strength, elongation, and abrasion resistance. They are known for their good low-temperature flexibility, compression set, and adhesion to fabric and metals. They can withstand a wide range of temperatures and are resistant to water, chemicals, and fungi.

Where can I find EPDM rubber sheet suppliers in Singapore?

There are several reputable EPDM rubber sheet suppliers in Singapore, including [Supplier 1], [Supplier 2], and [Supplier 3]. These suppliers offer a wide selection of EPDM rubber sheet options and can assist with custom manufacturing and specific application requirements.

What applications are EPDM rubber sheets suitable for?

EPDM rubber sheets are widely used for applications that require outdoor and high-temperature resistance. They are commonly used for roofing, gaskets, seals, waterproofing, insulating, and flooring. They are also suitable for applications in the automotive, construction, electrical, and industrial sectors.

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