ECO Plastics

ECO Plastics

ECO Plastics are thermoplastics derived from renewable raw materials, making them ecologically benign and carbon dioxide emissions neutral. These products are predominantly biodegradable and environmentally friendly, offering robust mechanical properties, high stiffness, and impressive impact strength. ECO plastics distinguish themselves by being crafted from biological sources instead of relying on petroleum and other fossil fuels, contributing to their unique feature of self-sustainability. Common applications include display designing, park benches, playground equipment, gear wheels (PA6.10), and runners (PA6.10).

PLA-L Sheets

PLA-L, comprised of polyactid acid sourced from renewable materials like sugar and starch, boasts commendable mechanical strength, high impact resistance, and biodegradability.

WPC-30PP Rods

WPC-30PP, a Wood Plastic Compound falling under the category of wood fiber-reinforced plastics, contains approximately 70% fiber content. It offers robust mechanical strength, weather-resistant properties superior to wood, and antibacterial characteristics.

PA6.10 Rods

PA6.10, a member of the PA6 family, is derived from the oil of the castor oil seed, with over 60% based on renewable resources. Noteworthy properties include low water absorption, high dimensional stability, and good chemical resistance.

These innovative materials cater to diverse industrial needs, offering sustainable alternatives with a reduced environmental impact. The versatility of ECO Plastics, PLA-L, WPC-30PP, and PA6.10 makes them suitable for various applications.

ECO Plastics, with their eco-friendly composition, find application in design, recreation, and engineering, including display manufacturing, outdoor furniture like park benches, playground equipment, as well as mechanical components like gear wheels (PA6.10) and runners (PA6.10). Their self-sustainability, derived from renewable sources, aligns with the growing emphasis on green and sustainable practices across industries.

PLA-L, sourced from sugar and starch, emerges as a promising material with a unique blend of mechanical strength and biodegradability. The availability of PLA-L Sheets adds to its adaptability for different design and manufacturing requirements.

WPC-30PP, as a Wood Plastic Compound enriched with wood fibers, addresses the demand for durable and weather-resistant materials. Its antibacterial nature further broadens its applications, making it suitable for various outdoor applications. WPC-30PP Rods, available as stock shapes, provide a convenient form for manufacturing.

PA6.10, derived from castor oil seeds, showcases remarkable properties such as low water absorption, dimensional stability, and chemical resistance. PA6.10 Rods, available as stock shapes, offer a convenient option for applications requiring these specific characteristics.

These materials collectively contribute to the pursuit of sustainable and environmentally conscious practices in manufacturing, aligning with the global shift towards more responsible and eco-friendly solutions.


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