Antistatic Plastics

Antistatic Plastics

The generation of electric charge often stems from the dynamic friction between two surfaces, resulting in tribo-electric charges. This process leads to a loss of electrons for the releasing surface (resulting in a positive charge) and a gain of electrons for the receiving surface (resulting in a negative charge). The presence of tribo-electric charge attracts dust particles, which is undesirable in applications such as clean rooms and semiconductor industries. Therefore, Antistatic Plastics are essential to prevent static discharge generated through friction.

Our range of Antistatic Plastics includes the following base materials:

  1. Anti-static PVC
  2. Anti-static PMMA
  3. Anti-static PC
  4. Anti-static PE
  5. Anti-static PP
  6. Anti-static POM
  7. Anti-static PEI
  8. Anti-static PEEK
  9. Anti-static PTFE
  10. Anti-static PAI
  11. Anti-static PA
  12. Anti-static ABS
  13. Anti-static PI
Our approach

Precision. Performance. Sustainability

At EcoPlas Innovations, our approach revolves around delivering customized plastic solutions, catering to diverse industrial requirements, as your trusted Plastic Supplier in Singapore.

Quality Assurance

We prioritize quality in every aspect, ensuring our products adhere to the highest industry standards.

Versatility in Applications

From antistatic plastics to high-performance options, we offer a wide array of materials suitable for various applications.

Competitive Pricing

With in-house machining capabilities, we maintain competitive prices while upholding the excellence of our products, establishing ourselves as the go-to Plastic Supplier in Singapore.

EcoPlas Innovations - Your Partner in Plastic Excellence, catering to a wide spectrum of industries with our diverse and high-quality plastic solutions in Singapore, reinforcing our position as the trusted Plastic Supplier in the region.
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Antistatic Plastics
Unmatched Protection

Experience the next level of protection with our Antistatic Plastics. Engineered for industries demanding static control, our innovative solutions safeguard sensitive equipment and materials. Unleash productivity without compromising safety, as our antistatic plastics redefine the standards of secure operations. Read more...

ECO Plastics
Sustainably Crafted, Impeccably Engineered

Join the green revolution with EcoPlas Innovations's ECO Plastics. Our commitment to sustainability meets precision engineering in every product. Experience uncompromised performance while reducing your environmental footprint. With ECO Plastics, we prove that responsible choices can elevate both functionality and ecological impact. Read more...

High-Performance Plastics
Powering Possibilities

EcoPlas Innovations takes pride in offering High-Performance Plastics that outshine traditional materials. Elevate your projects with plastics designed for superior strength, durability, and versatility. From impact resistance to impeccable machining ease, our high-performance plastics set the stage for innovation and reliability. Read more...

General Plastics
Versatility Redefined

Our general plastics category embodies versatility, offering a diverse selection of materials suitable for a myriad of applications. From cost-effective solutions to reliable performance, EcoPlas Innovations's general plastics meet the dynamic needs of industries across Singapore. Read more...